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La luna ( Fred Weasley x Reader ) Fred stared at you from the back side of the room during Potions. He always loved how you paid attention to every little detail Snape said, even though some would not make any sense to you. Read george weasley x reader from the story SEXUAL TENSION by WyattOleffIsALoser (rachael) with 35,341 reads. hermionegranger, siriusblack, imagines. Made by f... Victoire is the daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley. Harry’s son, James, caught Victoire snogging Teddy Lupin on Platform 9 ¾ as she was preparing to leave for what was most likely her seventh year at Hogwarts; at the time she would probably have been seventeen, and Teddy nineteen (DH/e). Harry x Reader. Help Wanted . Summary: Y/N doesn’t get the job, Harry tries to take their mind off it. Ron x Reader. Freckles. Summary: Ron gets sent away on an auror mission and Y/N misses him terribly. Entanglement. Summary: Ron becomes Y/N Malfoy’s parole officer, then goes above and beyond his job description. Hermione x Reader. Tea For Two George Weasley x Reader Timer Soulmate AU. Summary: It’s the first day of your first year at Hogwarts, your timer was ticking. You were going to meet your soulmate today. A/N: This is short but I’ve been meaning to write something like this, so here it is! Thank you @awkward444 for helping me out with this!! 0 days 0 hours 8 minutes 29 seconds.

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PRANK WARS (FRED WEASLEY X READER) this is literally the same as the george one love u all bbys ️ ️. summary: fred and george enlist one member from the other houses to go all out in the ultimate prank war. only one can be pronounced as the winner. fred has high hopes.-I snuck out early the next morning. George & Fred Weasley “Oh dang.” One of the redheads said, you weren’t sure which twin it was. “Oh Merlin.” The other said. “HEYYY-” “You don’t mind us staying for a while do you, y/n?” They both smirked. Originally posted by memegifs. Remus Lupin “Oh I’m so sorry y/n!” Remus’s cheek darkened as soon as he saw you ... #masterlist #marauders #marauders imagines #remus lupin x reader #sirius black x reader #james potter x reader #harry potter x reader #bill weasley x reader #charlie weasley x reader #george weasley x reader #fred weasley x reader #ron weasley x reader #percy weasley x reader #draco malfoy x reader #cedric diggory x reader #hermione granger x ... Sep 25, 2020 · Attendance Is Mandatory (George x Reader) ️This is a follow up to Hand-Me-downs and Love Potion, if you haven’t, read those first and then come back or this may not make any sense ️. You woke up the next morning to Angelica shouting ‘‘y/n ….. y/n’‘

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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works George Weasley x Malfoy!Slytherin!Reader. As the eldest Malfoy, you are expected to be the example for your younger brother Draco. However, you find yourself living a double life after being blackmailed and realizing that things at Hogwarts are getting worse by the day. Weasley x reader or use my name (Jess) where Fred refuses to play pranks on the reader and George catches on to why and pulls pranks on the marauders map told him the password or something)and then he listen to the reader singing in the shower,and . 25 Aug 2018. The Weasley twins sexually teasing you would include : (Woooo more prompts! x ...